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Expertly Navigating Transfer Pricing: From Proactive Audits to Advocacy with Tax Authorities, We Ensure Compliance & Clarity in Every Transaction.

Diagnosis on Transfer Pricing risks

Our team can review your company's procedures and transactions to identify areas with embedded transfer pricing risk. Being proactive will save time and money further down the road.

Design of Transfer Pricing policy

Our team can prepare the transfer pricing policy of your group which will provide guidelines on how  prices will be set for transactions between related parties.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Our team can assist in preparing a properly documented transfer pricing study enabling your company to meet its transfer pricing documentation obligations.

Advance Pricing Arrangements (APA's)

Our team can assist in the preparation and filing of an APA for your company or group and assist in the discussions with the Tax Authorities that may follow. 

Dispute Resolution

Our team of experts can represent your company before the  Tax Authorities aiming to resolve any disputes on transfer pricing. 

From Detailed Audits to Robust Compliance and Advocacy in Transfer Pricing: Trust the Experts. Contact Our Team for Solutions.

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